OH Web Browser - One handed, Fast & Privacy v7.0.9 [Premium]

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OH is not just another design. It is design revolution. Next generation UI. Makes the browsing stylish, fun and cool!

* All controls at bottom

* One handed usage

* Simple and minimal

* Intuitive Gestures


OH doesn’t need any unnecessary dangerous permissions. Also you can clear history, cookies, storage, etc at any time. So you can surf the internet with absolute peace of mind.

* No Location Permission

* No Camera Permissions

* No Microphone Permission

* No Contacts Permissions


OH comes with essential features. No plug-ins required! Some of the features are...

* Supports Multiple Search Engines

* Ad Blocker

* Private Browsing

* PDF converter

* Web Archive converter

* Download Manager

Gestures Reference

Tabs Button:

Double Tap - Add New Tab

Swipe Left - Previous Tab

Swipe Right - Next Tab

Swipe Up - Remove Current Tab

Long Press - Private Mode

Search Button:

Double Tap - Refresh

Swipe Left - Go Forward

Swipe Right - Go Backward

Swipe Up - Go Home

Hand Button:

Single Tap - Slide down / up

Tap & Hold - Goto Top

Double Tap - Expand Status Bar

Overflow Menu Button:

Swipe Up - Show Bookmarks/History/Downloads

Tap & Hold - Open Settings

OH Web Browser - One handed, Fast & Privacy v7.0.9 [Premium] 토렌트 torrent